Vitaly Kopachev was born on February 15, 1963 in Severodonetsk. In 1983 he graduated from the Donetsk State Art College, in 1988 - Art Department of the Moscow Technological Institute. He is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Since March 6, 1988, he worked as an artist at the Research Institute of the Art Industry. On January 20, 1989, he was accepted as a research fellow at the Exhibition Hall of the Kievsky district of Moscow (A3 Gallery, since 1992). From July 1989 till July 2017, he worked as director of the Moscow Exhibition Hall, А3 Gallery.
The work of Kopachev over the years suggests that the silent presence of an observer may be enough, his direct involvement in dialogues with the work is not necessary. This interesting feature is due to the fact that, despite the openness of the artist’s works, the internal restraint of the work does not allow the dialogue to start spontaneously. At the same time, Kopachev’s paintings are dialogical without the participation of the viewer.
They look like leisurely talk about art and about person in art. Each picture can be perceived as part of such a dialogue with pauses and thoughts. Fragments of long-seen artifacts appear through cultural layers of memory, they are like imaginary conversations with ancient masters who tried to find support in an unpredictable world in ornaments and geometry, and today the artist offers his own answers, preserving time breaks in the form that are not fragmentary less add up in more complex geometry.
The artist easily finds a subject for conversation with Etruscans and Cretan masters, through the gentle colors of preserved artifacts he opens a chronicle of everyday life, he hears in frescoes singing that has absorbed the sounds of current life. Their structure is close to the works of V. Kopachev: the movement with which his works are permeated, like the music of the wind, is free, saturated, but consonant with the general laws of life.
2018     I Remember, A3 Gallery, Moscow
2018     Neighborhood, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2018     Capagraphics, Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow
2018     CAPART. Vitaly Kopachev's paintings, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2017     Ripple, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2016     Capa. Works on paper, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2015     Contrapost, A. Volkov / V. Kopachev, Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma
2015     Miniatures of the 90s, Lega Gallery, Moscow
2013     Non-involvement, Vitaliy Kopachev / Andrey Volkov, Design Center Artplay, Moscow
2012     Air of doubt - 80 years of the Moscow Union of Artists, painting, sculpture by G. Tikhomirov, I. Pokladov, V. Scherbin-Sibirsky, O. Filippov, V. Kopachev, G. Krasnoshlykov, O. Karelits, Kuznetsk bridge 20, Moscow
2010     World of Painting and Sculpture, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2010     Demarcation, Vitaliy Kopachev, Sergey / Tatyana Kostrikov, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow
2007     Exhibition of the project “Impossible connections” in Germany (P. Karachentsov, A. Volkov, V. Kopachev, E. Starkova, David Ru, V. Opara, N. Gelling, E. Bushon, T. Kostrikova, M. Opara), Alte Feuerwache Gallery
2006     Sessions of Moscow artists "Impossible connections", A3 Gallery, Moscow
2005     Exhibition of Moscow artists "Painting No. 1" (V. Umnov, B. Markovnikov, K. Golitsyna, V. Kopachev, Val. Volkov, A. Pankin, B. Levikova, S. and T. Kostrikov, N. Nasedkin, A Goldman, M. Kastalskaya, A. Volkov, N. Sitnikova, E. Gore, A. Grositsky, V. Bashlykov, An. Volkov, E. Gorokhovsky, L. Pelikh, V. Opara, E. Vakhtangov, P. Karachentsov ), A3 Gallery, Moscow
2004     Artists to Future Generations" (Irina Starzhenetskaya, Andrey Grositsky, Alexander Volkov, Evgeny Gorokhovskiy, Natalya Sitnikova, Ruben Apresyan, Vitaliy Kopachev, Victoria Nikonova, Tatyana Nazarenko, Andrey Volkov), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Moscow
2003     Agarti, On Solyanka Gallery, Moscow
1999     Art-communication tour, ACT 99, Artists of Austria and Russia, Linz, Austria
1995     Triennial of Art Textiles, Lodz, Poland
1993     solo exhibition with E. Kopacheva, Atelier Worb, Bern, Switzerland
1993     Eight artists from Moscow (V. Aizenberg, S. Bazilev, E. Gorokhovsky, R. Gudiev, E. Kopacheva, V. Koshlyakov, N. Nesterova, V. Kopachev), Walter Bishoff Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
1990     Republican exhibition of young artists "Youth of Russia", Central House of Artists, Moscow
1990     Beyond the Time (M.Shpindler, E. Gorokhovsky, V. Aizenberg, A. Lentovskaya, T. Ivanova, E. Kopacheva, E. Gorchakova, V. Bezryadin, P. Razgulyaev, V. Kopachev ), On Solyanka Gallery, Moscow
1990     19th Exhibition of Young Moscow Artists, Kuznetsky Bridge 11, Moscow
1989     Out of the genre, Moscow-Leningrad, Youth Palace, Moscow
1988     International Exhibition of Young Artists of the Socialist Countries, Manege, Moscow
1988     18th Exhibition of Young Moscow Artists, Manege, Moscow
1988     Autumn Exhibition of Moscow artists, Kuznetsky Bridge 11, Moscow
1988     All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists, Manege, Moscow


32 Starokonyushennyy Lane, Moscow, Russia