Born in Moscow, 1954
1966-1972 - study at the Moscow Art School
1973-1979 - study at the Stroganov Art College, Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Painting, workshop of G.M. Korzhev.
1983 - joining the Union of Artists of the USSR (painting section).
Since 2015, she has been an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
The phenomenon of Natalia Tolstaya is as amazing as it is organic. The heiress of the great writer and public figure creates art that, at first glance, expresses itself by means of simple, but at the same time very difficult language that appeals to several levels of consciousness and even the subconscious of the audience, trying to convey to them the most important truths about themselves and about the world.
At the very first level of perception, we have picturesque canvases, graphic sheets and objects that operate with “primary elements” of figurative form: squares, rectangles, circles and semicircles, sectors and segments, as well as parabolas and multidirectional lines. Natalya Tolstaya acquired the ability to think in visual formulas during her studies in the monumental workshop of Helium Korzhev at the Stroganov School.
The artist in her work speaks about eternal and universal things.
2018     solo exhibition, Showa-Joshi University, Tokyo
2016     Search for hidden structures, Natalia Tolstaya, Elena Surovtseva, Omelchenko Gallery
2012     solo exhibition, Utiyama Gallery, Tokyo
2012     Anniversary Exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Moscow Union f Artists, Moscow
2011     Memory. Signs. Time, Mars Gallery, Moscow
2010     solo exhibition, Showa-Joshi University, Tokyo
2008     solo exhibition, Suzuki Gallery, Tokyo
2007     Angeliada, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2006     Islands, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2004     Natalia Tolstaya - Oleg Tolstoy, Kuznetsky Bridge, Moscow
2003     Artconstitution, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2003     solo exhibition, Art-actualite Gallery, Paris
2002     Female Art, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2002     Artistic Traditions of the Tolstoy family, Yasnaya Polyana Gallery, Tula
1998     solo exhibition, Yasnaya Polyana Gallery, Tula
1998     solo exhibition, Today Gallery, Moscow
1998     exhibition-fair "Art — Manege", Moscow
1998     three solo exhibitions, Germany, Berlin
1995     New Generation of Russian Artists, USA, Washington
1995     Natalia Tolstaya and Arkady Petrov, Bodenschatz Gallery, Switzerland
1993     Golden Brush, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1991     West Arts, Oslo, Norway
1991     Exhibition of Six, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1990     Soviet Art, Italy, Rome
1990     solo exhibition, Lindblom Gallery, Finland
1989     New Reality, Italy, Ravenna
1988     Young Soviet Artists, Finland, Helsinki
1987     exhibition of works by young artists of the USSR, Poland, Warsaw
32 Starokonyushennyy Lane, Moscow, Russia