Oleg Prokofiev was born on 14 December 1928, from Sergey Prokofiev's first wife, Lina Llubera. They lived in Paris until moving to Moscow, in 1935. In 1973 the artist emigrated to the UK.

The heritage of Oleg Prokoviev is devided into two periods: Soviet and English. 
His career as an artist began at sixteen, attending the Moscow School of Art from 1944 to 1949. On completing his studies, Prokofiev worked in the studio of the painter Robert Falk. The artist was well acquainted with such masters of abstract painting as Vladimir Slepyan, Boris Turetsky and Yuri Zlotnikov. His early painting experiments are similar to post-war European and American modernism. Prokofiev's late paintings are strikingly atmospheric. They astonish both in their freedom of expression and their symbolic intensity. This part of his works, the so-called "bright period", are compared with the works of Vladimir Weisberg.

In Russia, Oleg Prokofiev was exhibited only twice - during his lifetime, in 1997 in the Museum of Musical Culture named after M.I. Glinka and in 2010 at the Tretyakov Gallery. The exhibition in the Omelchenko gallery "Before Emigration" is the third one and, unlike the previous two, it shows exclusively the works of early Prokofiev painted before the emigration.
2010     Return. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2014     From East to West' at Hill Gallery, London
1997     Museum of Music, Moscow
1994     Contemporary, London
1993     W. Lehmbruck Museum of Modern Sculpture, Germany
1991     Lemington Spa Art Gallery and Museum; Malvern Winter Gardens
1989     Sue Rankin Gallery, London; La Mama Galleria, New York City
1988     Burg Zweiffel, Germany; ‘100 Years of British Art’ at Leeds City Art Gallery
1987     Dortmund Opera House and Matthew Scott Gallery, Miami
1985     Woodlands Art Gallery, London
1984     Galerie ‘Edition de Beauclair’, Munich; and Theater am Gartnerplatz, Munich
1984     Old Vic Theatre, London; Galerie Johanna Ricard, Nuremberg
1983     ACG, London
1981     Galerie Mandragore, Paris
1980     Galerie C. Ratie, Paris
1977     Norther Artists Gallery, Harrogate
1976     University of Surrey, Guildford; Sadlers Wells Theatre, London
1975     Coard, Paris
1974     Leeds City Art Gallery
1975     Coard, Paris
32 Starokonyushennyy Lane, Moscow, Russia