Omelchenko Gallery is a Moscow gallery founded in 2015. which is aiming to support and popularise contemporary Russian art and one from the neighbouring countries. The gallery both represents already honoured artists of international level and actively works with the young artists. During the gallery’s work more than sixty projects were organised, including six charity projects (V- day “She is us” Alena Fedotkina, an exhibition against violence against women; “Hold your breath” Paulina Siniatkina, an exhibition dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis and others)
Omelchenko Gallery participated in the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair 2017 (Julia Malinina), 2018 (Natalya Tolstaya, Natalya Gudovich) and 2019 (Anastasia Omelchenko). In 2017, the gallery participated in a parallel program of the Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, and in 2018 in the 6th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art.
In 2018, together with White Room Foundation the Gallery, won a grant from the SIBUR Holding Etrochemical Company and organised an art residence in Siberia, Tobolsk. The final exhibition of the project was held in Moscow at the Theater of Nations.
32 Starokonyushennyy Lane, Moscow, Russia