Adil was born on 1 June, 1991. He graduated from Astrakhan Civil Engineering Institute. There he realized that drawing was his destiny. The first orders for paintings appeared in St. Petersburg. Now lives and works in Moscow.
Man, color, line, surrealism, expression, abstraction - all of this are magically combined in the bright emotional paintings by the Astrakhan artist Adil Aubekerov. He does not reduce his creativity to one style. Unconsciously, Adil chooses for himself those methods that can best convey feelings on canvas or on the wall. The main thing for him is to make the viewer to discover emotions in themselves while looking at his work.
“In my works, I prefer to leave riddles, small rebuses. In this psychological color condition with a certain distorted form, the viewer should feel the emotion I express. While working on the picture, I try to feel the moment, dissolve in it, understand the emotions, plot, and add mystery, mystical notes to all of this. I love the lines because energy is concentrated in them and I want to convey it. I like that people say that they want to consider my paintings for a long time, immerse themselves in them. That’s exactly I want: I want people to reveal their feelings from what they see,”- Adil Aubekerov.
2018      solo exhibition "Destination Lines", TSEArtDestination Gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan, OMELCHENKO GALLERY, Moscow, Russia
2018      Astana Art Show
2017      Donostia Art Fair, San Sebastian, Spain
2017      Art Pampelonne, Saint-Tropez, France
2017     “Time is waiting”, A3 Gallery
2017      solo exhibition, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2015      solo exhibition, Astrakhan
2013     “The Heart of the Caspian”, solo exhibition, Astrakhan
2011      solo exhibition, Astrakhan
32 Starokonyushennyy Lane, Moscow, Russia